Sonitus Mortis - Drum Machine

Sonitus Mortis is a simple drum machine. It supports tuplets, multiple samples per instrument and VSTi drum kits. It has been developed with guitar/bass practice and home recording in mind.

SonitusMortis SplashScreen

Key features:

  • Simple user interface inspired by classic MOD trackers
  • Create drum patterns manually...
  • ...or at random with batch processing and customizable options
  • [VSTi] Support for 64-bit VSTi 2.x drum instruments (i.e. EZdrummer 2, MT-PowerDrumKit, etc.)
  • [MIDI] Export to MIDI
  • [Samples] Support for WAV, OGG and MP3 sample playback
  • [Samples] Support for multiple samples per instrument with either random or velocity based sample picking
  • [Samples] Support for random pitch shifting to improve variety
  • [Samples] Export to WAV at up to 32-bit, 96000 Hz
  • [Samples] Export to WAV supports timing fluctuations to emulate human imperfections
  • It's FREEWARE!

Planned features for future releases:

  • Include VSTi when exporting to WAV (currently VSTi can be used for real time playback only)

System requirements:

  • Windows 64-bit operating system (Windows 10 recommended)
  • DirectSound compatible audio interface

Program version history:

2.0.0 (21-Mar-2020):

  • [New] Added VSTi support (64 bit only, VST 2.x)
  • [New] Added MIDI export
  • [New] Added import function for MIDI drum maps from text files (Same format as Reaper is using: Note + [TAB] + Name)
  • [New] Added playback of marked sections (Ctrl + left mouse / right mouse on beat scale to mark section)
  • [New] Added track numbers
  • [New] Added muting and soloing tracks on a per pattern basis (Status is saved in song file and heeded when exporting to WAV or MIDI)
  • [New] Added function to create an SM instrument for each defined MIDI instrument (that doesn't have an instrument already)
  • [New] Added function to create a track for every instrument (that doesn't have a track assigned already)
  • [New] Added function to batch create random patterns (with configurable options)
  • [New] Added option to manually select audio device and sampling rate
  • [New] Added 32nd notes (Beat Type 32)
  • [New] Use separate playback thread instead of timers (much more accurate timing during playback)
  • [Changed] Extended MIDI drum map to full 128 instruments
  • [Changed] Increased number of tracks per pattern to 128 (= max instruments)
  • [Changed] Increased maximum number of patterns per song to 1000
  • [Changed] Metronome will skip secondary sound ("tock") for beats consisting of 16th or 32nd notes
  • [Changed] Export to WAV will now ignore instruments without samples instead of failing the export completely
  • [Changed] Removed "automute" option in instruments
  • [Changed] New .SM file format as muting / soloing and removing automuting required changes
  • [Fixed] Song length is now calculated correctly
  • [Fixed] Tuplets with pattern length > track length will now be deleted when track is shortened

Notes: I've included MIDI maps for some EZdrummer 2 kits as well as for MT-PowerDrumKit

Additional information:

  • Sonitus Mortis has been developed using Embarcadero Delphi 10.3 Rio (Update 3) Community Edition on Windows 10 Pro 64bit
  • Sonitus Mortis is using the BASS audio library by un4seen developments (

But why?

Most MIDI editors / sequencers support all kinds of instruments. By specializing on drum tracks I could concentrate on the important things for drum programming and leave out the rest.

Sonitus Mortis 2.0.0 - Setup.exe
Sonitus Mortis 2.0.0 - Setup.exe.sha256